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«Sevzapenergomontazh» CJSC possesses big staff of professional and highly-qualified employees.

The education and the necessary experience of our management personnel, responsible treatment of masters and foremen to their job, competent interaction between departments of the company, - this all lets us fulfill assembly works properly, thoroughly and without any delays.

To shift the effect of working process and usage of personnel,  «Sevzapenergomontazh» CJSC always tries to improve skills of its workers, engineers and managers and initiates different trainings for personnel.  We have signed several agreements with technical institutions and universities and always attract students for a practice (with further employment). The policy of our company is directed to encourage young specialists, so they could develop, becoming professionals.

There are a lot of technical specialists with high level of education and solid job experience who work in our business. The total quantity of technical and engineering specialists in «Sevzapenergomontazh» CJSC is about 50. And there are more than 300 workers (located at manufacturing sites) with a secondary technical education.

Management staff is represented by 1 executive director, 4 vice-directors and 4 chiefs of the company’s departments.

Photos of our work
Viktor Duma

General Manager. Education: higher engineering, work experience as a manager: 10 years, experience in the power industry: 20 years.

Sergey Shevchenko

Deputy General Manager on works. Education: higher engineering, work experience as a work manager: 20 years.

Alexander Bologov

Deputy General Director on production preparation. Education: higher engineering, work experience as a manager: 15 years.

Irina Goncharova

Chief Accountant. Education: higher economic, work experience in the field of economics and finance: 30 years.

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